Facilitate coalition and communication between charities and government organisations working to stop child abuse, child prostitution, child pornography, human trafficking, and those working to rehabilitate offenders, validate adult survivors, and offer trainings and services to charities helping those escaping abuse and sexual slavery.

Engage the public with these human rights issues through live theatre, short films, audience discussions, panel discussions with representative charities, presentations at universities, government agencies and NGOs, awareness-raising events, articles, interviews, and conferences.

Educate staff and volunteers for charities, law enforcement, social services, schools, and hospitals on identification, support, and intervention techniques.

Encourage understanding of the psychological consequences of trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder and disassociation.  Denial and repression of the abuse experiences are necessary survival tools in childhood.  In adulthood, if the trauma is not processed, this internal pressure may lead to repeating the "cycle of abuse" through direct or indirect perpetration against children, emotional neglect, and exposing a child to abusers.

Facilitate societal healing and reduce isolation of those who have experienced abuse and struggle with the effects. More public awareness about the issue increases the day-to-day support, understanding, and acceptance available to survivors, which makes recovery easier.

Outspiral was established in 2011 by Raven Kaliana, a survivor and children's human rights activist, theatre and film director, puppeteer and puppet maker



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