8 Jul 2010 TimeOut
"Full marks for audacity, and for a passionate commitment to righting a societal wrong"
 -Brian Logan, Reviewer

7 July 2010 Animations Online
"...a most powerful and moving production, and also an important one"
-Peter Charlton, Reviewer

2 Jul 2010 RemoteGoat"...touches the heart, mind, conscience and soul in a way that most West End shows could only dream of... go and see this."
 -Gabriella Apicella, Reviewer

9 Jul 2010
Fat Quarter Magazine
"Hooray for Hollywood is one of those rare pieces of art which really can and will stay with you, and has the power to change lives... theatre has never been so important."
-Hannah Eiseman-Renyard, Reviewer

1 Jul 2010
Theatre Network
“...very powerful and deeply disturbing.”
-Carolin Kopplin, Reviewer

20 Feb 2009
Islington Tribune
"It's a sign of a healthy society when we admit there are less palatable things happening.  How can you stop or change such things if you don't have the space to be able to examine them?"
-Peter Glanville, Artistic Director, Little Angel Theatre

20 Feb 2009
Islington Tribune
"It's done through metaphor and poetry rather than through graphic illustration. [As a society] we are very fearful of talking about the fact that a child pornography industry exists and how horrific it is."
-Peter Glanville, Artistic Director, Little Angel Theatre

19 Feb 2009
Islington Gazette
"Hooray for Hollywood is an incredibly moving piece of theatre.  It's created by a woman who was [exploited] in the child pornography industry... Theatre should be somewhere you examine what happens in society."
-Peter Glanville, Artistic Director, Little Angel Theatre

19 Feb 2009
Islington Gazette
"There is a tendency in this country to see puppetry as for kids.  But puppetry allows people to tell stories they might find difficult to do with real people."
-Lynette Shanbury, General Manager, Little Angel Theatre



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